Raymon Grogan, MD



Dr. Grogan is the Director of the Endocrine Surgery Research Program at the University of Chicago. His research is currently funded by an NCI K12 Paul Calabresi Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology. His research encompasses diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland, with an emphasis on outcomes in thyroid cancer. The Endocrine Surgery Research Program is a multidisciplinary program that integrates clinical outcomes with epidemiology, genomics, epigenetics, and health economics. A recent highlight of the program was a study that followed a cohort of 269 patients with thyroid cancer for several decades. The median follow-up time was 27 years, making this study one of the longest longitudinal studies of thyroid cancer ever published. Based on this and previous work Dr. Grogan’s lab is now focused on understanding how environmental exposures (such as radiation) can cause variations in incidence and cancer severity. This has led to collaborations with cancer epidemiologists Brisa Kilfoy and Habib Ashan, as well as with cancer geneticist Dr. Ken Onel. Through this collaborative work Dr. Grogan’s research is focused on understanding the clinical and genetic significance of exposure to medical and non-medical radiation.

Dr. Grogan is also a University of Chicago Bucksbaum Institute Faculty Scholar. As a Bucksbaum scholar Dr. Grogan initiated the North American Thyroid Cancer Survivorship Study (NATCSS) (CoPI Brisa Kilfoy). This is a multi-institutional study dedicated to understanding how a diagnosis of thyroid cancer changes people’s lives.  For a full list of participating institutions and partner organizations please visit the study website.


In addition to his laboratory research endeavors Dr. Grogan is also an Associate Program Director for the University of Chicago General Surgery Residency Program. In that role Dr. Grogan is director of the Resident Research Advisory Committee, which is tasked with developing a formal research curriculum for general surgery residents.

Additional Faculty Collaborators:

Brian Chiu
Peter Angelos
Edwin Kaplan

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